Secure every access point with one simple solution

Protect your business while connecting employees to their work with a modern access solution.


Solution Code: IFOT/LP-00-10813-S21SL

Today’s digital business is complex – and exposed

More devices, applications, networks, and users increase the complexity of managing – and protecting – user access.

Passwords cause breaches

Weak, reused, and stolen passwords cause 80% of data breaches.

IT lacks visibility and oversight

A BYO-anything modern workforce means more access points and hidden apps to secure.

Coverage is incomplete

When access solutions only support a fraction of apps, multiple products are needed.

Frustrations run high

Resets, lockouts, and clunky experiences are costly and impact productivity.

Cyber regulations are increasing

IT must check the boxes on protecting customer data and securing employee access.

Resources are lacking

An overburdened IT team must manage a growing tech stack with limited resources.

Manage every entry point with a comprehensive access solution

Reduce friction for employees while increasing control and visibility for IT with an access solution that’s easy to manage and effortless to use.

Secure every access point

From cloud to mobile, legacy to on-prem, a catalog of app integrations gives out-of-the-box security.

Combine single sign-on and password management

Simplify employee access with an integrated solution that’s intuitive and saves time.

Automate for IT

Integrate with an identity provider to automate user provisioning, deprovisioning, and policy controls.

Strengthen org-wide control

Implement policies at the device, user, group, and organizational level for flexible, granular control.

Centralize reporting & insights

Gain an in-depth look at user access and account security across the business, with actionable insights.

Do more with less

Centralize access for a holistic view of your users while reducing overhead and resource constraints.

Self-service success

Successful implementation depends on a simple deployment and helpful, self-guided resources.



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(02) 7722-6899
    傳真:(02) 7722-6889

(02) 7722-6899

    傳真:(02) 7722-6889