Unified visibility and simple control across every entry point

Bring access and authentication together to securely manage user identity


Solution Code: IFOT/LP-00-10814-S21SL

There’s a lack of visibility into your end users

With a variety of apps and devices in use across the company, it’s nearly impossible to get visibility into who is accessing what, when, and where - let alone control it.

Increased amount of shadow IT

There are more and more applications and devices managed outside of the IT department.

Enhancing security without impeding productivity

Adding complex security for employees can get in the way of their work.

Meeting user experience demands

If a solution isn’t convenient and fast, adoption will be low, and frustration will be high.

There’s not enough time in the day

Manually managing user access and authentication for every employee is just not feasible.

Lack of connectivity across security tools

If security solutions don’t work together, you won’t have a comprehensive view of your user.

Passwords are frustrating and create risk

80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused, and stolen passwords.

Simply manage users across every application and device with modern identity

Reduce friction and simplify deployment by unifying employee access and authentication into a centralized view.

Unified, simple control

Create unified visibility across every access point without the hassle of managing multiple solutions.

Identity across all technology

Manage every application, device and employee down to the individual or group level with a consistent set of policies and controls.

Simplify deployment

Integrate with your existing infrastructure for immediate control over your business ecosystem.

Strong, but invisible security

Manage access and authentication seamlessly, so that your employees don’t even know you’re there.

Passwordless user experience

Leverage biometric and contextual factors across every device for a passwordless user experience, without the complexity.



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(02) 7722-6899
    傳真:(02) 7722-6889

(02) 7722-6899

    傳真:(02) 7722-6889