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PAM 解決方案如何保護特權數據

We cannot deny that using a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution considerably increases a corporation’s information security. However, what many people do not know is that this type of solution has some basic functions so that a PAM solution can effectively guarantee information security. Let’s see more about that in today’s article.

PAM Solution: How Does it Apply to Privileged Data Security?

With the proliferation of the new coronavirus, certain areas were forced to create ways to continue operating, and for this, they ended up opting for home office services, but many companies found themselves lost with this new scenario.

Hackers take advantage of the lack of protection in accessing and transferring corporate data through home networks that fail to defend their devices and networks, carrying out attacks via phishing, ransomware, and other malware.

The PAM solution is one of the main ways to guarantee the protection of a company’s confidential information and that all activities are tracked and audited.

Privileged credentials are the targets of choice for cyberattackers. It is fundamental that your privileged access management solution has the privileged session recording feature in order to record, in video and text, the actions performed by the user within the system while using a privileged credential.

To ensure a quality privileged session recording, it is important to check with the PAM solution provider if the system provides the option of storing recording files and audit logs to prevent users from messing with their activity history and altering their entire tool. In this case, senhasegura is the right solution to help you.

It makes sense that privileged accounts are the most vulnerable, as once compromised, they can grant unrestricted access to your company’s IT infrastructure. This is why many high-profile breaches have resulted from exploiting unmanaged and unmonitored privileged accounts. Responsible attackers often gain administrative control and can do considerable damage in their wake.

Credential Management

To ensure information security, you need to develop prevention practices regularly, such as managing your company’s privileged accounts.

A solution that does not provide this function leaves the security of your information with many loopholes, which makes a cyberattack possible.

With this capability, your company is able to manage all active privileged credentials and confirm the privilege level of each one, verifying it is appropriate for such users to have access to certain environments, in addition to being able to revoke credentials that are no longer required, such as from former employees.

To avoid the risk of information being leaked, besides verifying access to privileged credentials, it is also important to properly manage it through the automatic change of passwords.

In this way, you can prevent users from having passwords or performing unauthorized access.

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