Network access control. Simplified.

More endpoints. More risk to your network.

The rise of BYOD mobile workforces and loT has driven an exponential increase in the number and types of devices that can connect to today's corporate networks. With more endpoints than ever before, all of your access layers - including wired, wireless and VPN have never been more vulnerable. Today, effective network access control requires total device visibility continuous risk monitoring, and flexible access controls.

Network access control. Delivered in the cloud.

With Portnox CLEAR - the first and only cloud-delivered NAC-as-a Service - organizations gain actionable network visibility and continuous risk monitoring of all endpoints across all access layers - no matter device type or geo-location. Today, effective network access control requires total device visibility continuous risk monitoring, and flexible access controls.


Portnox CLEAR determines device type, location and level of access for every user on the network. Additionally, the platform can identity operating systems, installed applications, services, certificates and more - helping your IT team ensure compliance across the entire workforce.


With access control based on 802.1X protocol, network administrators can block rogue devices, quarantine non compliant endpoints, limit access to specified resources and more - whatever your internal policy calls for.


As a cloud-delivered solution, Portnox CLEAR is simple to configure, deploy and maintain. With built-in integrations to Azure AD Okta, Microsoft Intune, Palo Alto Networks and more, you can easily mesh your network access control with your existing tech stack and remain as streamlined as ever.


Portnox is SOC-certified, GDPR ready, and can help organizations in preparation for regulatory compliance, such as PCI, HIPAA and more. All customer data is encrypted in-motion or at rest, user credentials never leave the organization, and administrators can be set to use MFA.

How it works

A closer look at Portnox's NAC-as-a-Service architecture.

Simple & secure

Cost Efficient

Flexible, pay as-you-go subscription options allow you to scale your business as needed.

Rapid Deployment

No need to worry about pre-set Infrastructure or lengthy training.

Seamless Authentication

Integrate with your directory (Okta, Azure AD, etc.), Includes built-in Certificate Authority, or works with your own.

Device Visibility & Accountability

See all devices on your network no matter type or location.

Zero-Touch Management

With a cloud-based RADIUS server 4 no on-premise hardware of software, say goodbye to on-going maintenance.

Flexible Access Controls

Use device posture assessment to drive your policy with Dynamic VLAN or ACL assignments.

No Vendor Lock-in

Portnox works with any wireless infrastructure.

Plug & Play Integrations

Enjoy built-in connectors to common directories, like AzureAD, Okta, G Suite & more.